Have you ever gone about your day and suddenly had a ‘lightbulb’ moment?


The moment when you go “aha!” as your eyes light up in response to a new idea or realization.


It was probably exciting, wasn’t it? To envision another path forward on your journey to success. “This is going to be amazing! I need to try this out!”


Except you likely didn’t.


Most people don’t, though. That euphoria only stays for so long before disappearing and rendering people unwilling to take action on their goals.


And here we have the truth about motivation—it’s unreliable.


People get sudden spurs of motivation all the time. Yet, motivation isn’t enough to drive people to action. We probably all know at least one person who posts about their aspirations on social media or watches motivational videos, but doesn’t actually put in the work to produce results. In other words, most people don’t walk the talk.


So if motivation isn’t the right answer, what is?


Over the past several years, I’ve drastically expanded my network and honed in on my observations of others. The patterns in my observations led to figuring out the one key difference between doers and wanters.




Here’s the thing. Most people only see the end result when they become motivated. It’s sexy and exciting! That’s true; I’ll give them that. However, in reality, results come only after an arduous commitment of time and effort. People neglect to acknowledge the journey to success, and thus aren’t prepared or willing to do what it actually takes to win. That’s a bummer.


On the other hand, the people who do tackle the journey exhibit an unbreakable tenacity. They stumble and fall as they learn, but pull themselves up and continue pushing through the path regardless. Likewise, the more they learn, the more they discover that they need to learn, but even that isn’t a dealbreaker.


Successful individuals understand the steps that they must take and execute on them without excuses. Period.


This is a far cry from motivation. When most people start combining their sexy motivational idea with the stoic context of reality, all of a sudden their idea becomes a lot less sexy, and it crashes on the spot.


Forget about motivation. Become disciplined instead.


Motivation will come all the time. But even the most abundant supply of motivation will do you no good if you don’t possess the grit to actually do something about it in the first place.


Do whatever it takes to succeed. I’m constantly making connections, asking questions, researching, putting in long weeks, and experimenting with new ideas for my startup because that’s how much I care for it to succeed. Is it exhausting? You bet. Is that going to stop me? Not anytime soon.


Because at the end of the day, I’d much rather be a founder of a sustainable business than a wantrepreneur.

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